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Everchanging winds

Hi everyone!

I just found out they had the nutritional value of roast squirrel up on caloriesperhour.com. I'm really grossed out right now!

Haven't been doing well, sorry to say. Caught a cold and have been stuffed with high-cal food by friends- no chance to say "no". "You've lost so much weight this month, that can't be healthy! You're OK as you are now!" *cries*

On the other hand, I had a girl at my uni just come up to me saying "WOW, what have you done with yourself? Your face has just about disappeared!" *happy*

Grmpf, still stagnating on 142, though. Stupid friends.

Day 8

400 day again... I feel totally wiped out today, after a week of exams. I passed my Japanese (YAY!) and somehow made it into Italian C1... which means I'm supposed to speak fluent Italian and understand virtually anything. Keh, I don't even get half of what's said in The Tiger and the Snow... but I do understand almost all of Novecento. If someone would explain the grading curve to me I'd make sure to be a little less "successful".

How are you doing on the ABC, my friends? I'm afraid I've had to be a little remiss in exercising these last few days... I've been trying to get in as much as possible, but made it to barely 400 *shame*.

Well... just one more seminar to get through for today... I'm going to have a salad w/out dressing for lunch today (ca. 130cal)... so seeya later!



I really overdid it with exercising yesterday. My bro, his roomates and I went on an eight-mile run... in an hour! Today, my ankle's swollen to twice its usual size and HURTS. Like hell. I'm just going to do some crunches, sit-ups and leg-lifts... I can't even THINK of putting weight on that foot right now.

400 day on ABC- going well so far, just coffee!


Day 3

Doing VERY well so far. Went for a 1hr run w/ brother and his roommates... had to put ice on my foot afterwards, and it still hasn't stopped hurting, but I beat them all. HA! So much for "You'll never make it!"

I'm hypermotivated. So far, I've had my coffee, and since it's my 300 day I'll just stuff myself with 200cals worth of veggie sushei now (we're leaving just about now).

I made veggie curry yesterday, which is 130cal/serving (a VERY generous serving btw). It's very hot (I use generously heaped tablespoons of curry paste and extra chili powder/cayenne pepper), and extremely delicious. Veggies are variable, as is the amount of water... I normally don't cook w/ a recipe (yup, I measure raw ingredients and then do something with them), so I had to write down things as I used them. Hope it's still comprehensible!

The recipe goes as follows:Collapse )


Day 1 of ABC

Soo... this is my first day on the ABC. I'm still full of the disgusting dinner last night (WHY? WHY did I have to eat ALL of that damn chocolate cake?), and so far haven't had the desire to put anything in me, but I've had my customary coffee (90cal) and a sip of a fruit smoothie (10cal) to get my metabolism going.

I hope for the best... hey, my fellow ABCampers, how are you doing so far?

I. hate. going. out. to. eat.

Especially if a Portuguese restaurant is chosen. There's NO low-cal food there! Unfair! Plus I'm going to be watched by my tutor and the professor who supervised my Master's. Talk about bad luck!

Fortunately, I was good today (coffee and miso soup only), so I hope a lot of extra training the day after tomorrow will make up for tomorrow evening's fault.

Oh, and I got a nifty little ticker thingy for my sticky post... the 15lb are to be lost by the end of November. I hope they'll be gone faster, but I'm hypothyroid, and even with recently being put on thyroxine it's tough going while eating <800 cals a day :(

So, to motivate myself:

CW: 145lb
HW: 155lb
LW: 96lb
GW1: 130lb by Dec 1st
GW2: 110lb by Feb 1st (will be tough 'cause of Christmas w/ my family and New Year's w/ my friends)
GW3: 95lb by May 1st (it's VERY hard for me to go under 100lb, so I gave myself more time to make my goal more realistic)

I hope I won't be set back by anything stupid again!

Err... I got away?

Weeell... since I was writing my Master's these past few months and living w/ my granny (HELP! The Feeder of DOOM!) I couldn't get onto my LJ (paranoid parents checking browser history and Dad's better at hacking/data recovery than I am at hacking/hiding data. UNFAIR!!! I want a tech-noob Dad!). Sooo... I finally finished that stupid paper and am back in my own apartment. YAY!

Found this nifty test todayCollapse )
Planning to do the 28day plan come November... too much irregularity and stupid meetings w/ replacement tutors coming up... will have to go out for dinner EVERY damn day next week!


And, once again, the day is over!

Calorie goal: -2,400; calories consumed: 80; calories burned: 2,722
Net calories: -2,642

Gah, I saw the most beautiful mangoes on my way back from uni. Almost gave in. Almost.
I closed my eyes and walked by, all the time smelling this delish fruit aroma... meh. I'm a total exotic-fruit-addict.
Had 2 cups chicken bouillon instead. MUCH less calories!
Still, that mango...
Anyway, exercise-wise this was an OK day. Went for my customary 70 minutes run (in the SNOW! I was totally frozen and wet when I got home!), worked out for 30 more minutes (pro-ana-nation.com 's bootcamp exercises with a few of my own thrown in) in the evening and did lots and lots of running around at uni (though I didn't factor that in) trying to get the details of my master's thesis approved. Stupid bureaucracy. Should be called bureaucrazy IMO.
Went home and did laundry, washed all the dishes and did a little re-organizing... just the little things you tend to put off, and off, and off...
NEway, looking forward to some r&r now! I have a nice cup of herbal tea (freaky cold here!) and my laptop, one of my fav radio stations playing oldies, and my snuggle blanket around my shoulders. Perfect way to end a less than perfect day for me!

What's new...

Calorie goal: -2,400; calories consumed: 38; calories burned: 2,670
Net calories: -2,632

Ugh. I'm very, very sore, had to give up exercising five minutes early and was told by my darling doc that I'd overstressed my healing bones. Should cut back on the running. SHOULD being the operative here... I refuse to. This is MY body, and it has to listen to ME. Hah! Take this! I'll WIN!

Ugh, I'm stressed. Have an exam Wednesday. Gotta study a bit more. Finally got the hang of thedailyplate.com 's calorie calc as evidenced above. Sheesh, I'm sooo stupid sometimes!

Today's summary

Calorie goal: 150; calories consumed: 68; calories burned: 1,305
Net calories: -1,237

I did alright today, I guess. I managed to push myself to run (ouchouchouch, my bones are hurting!!!), just seven miles though (was afraid my leg might give out). Did my rehab and a few other exercises (as usual), and stayed WELL below my cal goal (I allow myself 150cals a day and had 68).
I'm pretty sore now, especially my abs (HAD to do that extra set of obliques!!!), but feeling good for it.
Additionally, I managed to get ALL my preparation for next week done. Yay me!